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It is a unique web-based scanning system utilizing artificial intelligence to help schools identify dangerous or harmful activity on student social media accounts.

It scans words and images received or sent, for threats or harm on a student’s social media accounts. If a potential issue is discovered, it sends an alert to the parent and designated school staff for review.

Artificial intelligence is used to scan the contents of a student’s social media accounts. We utilize AI as the priary tool to intervene on any concerning post. A designated school staff member or parent might view these concerning posts when alerted by the AI that it is either high priority or an emergency. The software cannot view or monitor texts, emails or any private conversations. It is not a monitoring software. It is an assistant, to help identify dangerous or harmful activity on social media only.

No. CyberSafely.ai is not subject to a school’s network. We are a global solution, not dependent on a network, operating system or device.


The parents and school staff designated to receive and respond to alerts are pre-determined during set-up. The level of urgency is designated in the alert notification. Having more than one person receive alerts may help to provide a faster response and added safety in an urgent situation.

If an alert meets the required threshold for risk, which can be determined by the user, alerts are in real-time along with any mitigation of a post.


Yes. As long as the user has signed up to the CyberSafely.ai software, it will work on any device, on any browser. It is web-based, not an app. It is not device-specific.

No. We do not operate on the hardware level, meaning we are not running on your phone. We will not slow down any phone or computer.

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as recognizing speech, making decisions, and learning from experience. AI uses techniques like machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to analyze data and make predictions or decisions. In essence, AI is about creating intelligent machines that can mimic some of the cognitive abilities of humans.


Set-up is a click-through process which should only take a few minutes. The school will be asked to choose a key point of contact to set up the account. A dedicated CyberSafely.ai customer service person is available to assist.


Student onboarding is completed via an online “invite”. Invites can be generated in a group by uploading a CSV or excel file containing student and parent emails provided by the school. A dedicated CyberSafely.ai customer service person is available to assist.

Yes. Parental consent is requested for children under 18 years of age. CyberSafely.ai recognizes and respects the significance of parental consent. Because of this, we have established a strict parental permission policy. Parents or legal guardians will receive an online “invite” at the same time as their child. At that time, they will be asked to provide consent. The social media accounts of children under 18 will not be available for scanning until parental consent is received.

All data is encrypted in transit and in rest. We also protect all data between organizations, so there is no co-mingling of data.

CSai is a fee-based program. Pricing is available through your sales representative. Schools may be eligible for, and apply for grants to pay for the cost of CSai. A CSai representative is available to help schools identify sources for funding; and assist with grant writing and applications.