Helping to protect today’s youth on social media, on any device, 24/7/365!


What makes
us different

There is a growing need to help students stay safe on social media. There is an old saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” At CyberSafely.ai we believe we will achieve the most success for our children’s safety when schools, parents, other youth organizations, and all of us at CyberSafely.ai, work together to help lead our youth down their best path.


Protecting student safety and welfare

Scans any device, 24/7/365

Student privacy is high priority

Alerts are sent on urgent posts to pre-determined parents & staff

Our software simulates human intelligence to search and detect threats and negative behavior on social media. AI is self-learning. As the language model adapts to threats in real-time, it becomes better at identifying harmful content out of context, not relying only on key words.

CyberSafely.ai is designed to help protect student safety and welfare by teaching them to be aware of and identify harmful activity received.

Any Device. Any Browser

Help Increase Student Safety 24/7/365

CyberSafely.ai is web-based. It is not device specific. It scans social media accounts on any device or browser, versus other applications that can only work on school provided laptops and the school’s network.

Specific Alerts

Identifying Level of Urgency Helps Determine the Appropriate Response

When the system identifies a harmful post, it designates the level of urgency with a red, yellow, or green alert, which is then transmitted to the pre-determined school staff and parent. In a life-threatening situation, multiple people can receive the notification, which is repeated until a response is received.

VPN Cannot Interfere

Students Cannot Bypass CyberSafely.ai®

Our solution is not subject to the school network or equipment. CyberSafely.ai is a global solution not dependent on a network, operating system, or device. Data is sourced from social networks themselves.

Activity is Not Scanned By a Person

Student Privacy is a High Priority

AI models scan the contents of a post. The AI is the primary tool used to intervene on any concerning post. The AI tool is monitored by code and algorithms, not people. The system cannot view or monitor texts, emails, or any private conversation

AI Enhanced Detection and Automation

Efficient, Software Enabled Service for Better Outcomes

AI, which is based on large language models and neural networking, helps our software detect, process, and learn from the information fed into CyberSafely.ai. It is an always on, neutral assistant to help us deliver the best outcomes for your organization.

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