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A tool to help protect student safety

Threats and harmful activity directed at our youth on social media are a growing concern.

Many of our young people have had their lives and careers negatively impacted by certain activities on social media. is a tool designed to assist parents and the school by identifying and alerting them to negative or harmful activity on the students’ social media accounts.


The intent is to help students, not to invade their privacy

First and foremost, it is designed to help protect student safety and welfare by identifying and becoming more aware of harmful activity received. Secondly, by pivoting negative behavior before it is sent, students will benefit, and have an edge as they compete toward college and career. does not view or monitor devices.


Identifying harmful content

Our software simulates human intelligence to search and detect threats and negative behavior on social media. AI is self-learning. As the language model adapts to threats in real-time, it becomes better at identifying harmful content out of context, not relying only on key words.

Get 50 Licenses for your school at no cost

Get for your students.

Any school that wishes to join will receive their first 50 licenses for the first year paid for by our generous group of sponsors!

Provides real-time information on children's social media accounts

Scans for pre-determined, variable areas of concern such as: bullying, suicide, sexual content, and illegal use of weapons

The App will identify and send a report to designated recipients for review

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