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Help protect your family and foster positive online experiences

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Calling all Parents with Children on Social Media

We invite you to attend our monthly Learn-at-Lunch! 

Our meeting objectives are very straightforward. We want to provide a platform for parents that helps to inform them about the issues in social media that are affecting today’s youth.

The one-hour meetings will be held at 12:30 EST on Zoom on the last Wednesday of every month.

Protecting today’s youth

Help protect today’s youth and their future success

One of the most concerning areas for parents and schools has been students’ use of social media.

View 5 real life stories® is a multifaceted approach to help schools and parents identify and respond to these threats.

The intent is to help students, not to invade their privacy® is designed to help protect student safety and welfare by teaching them to be aware of and identify harmful activity received. In addition, by choosing to pivot negative behavior before it is sent, students will benefit, and have an edge as they compete toward college and career.

How It Works

Student’s create posts on social media® provides realtime information on the student’s social media accounts

AI identifies questionable posts

When the AI identifies a questionable post, it determines the level of urgency and sends an alert to the pre-determined recipient(s)

Alerts are sent

Parents and school advisors are alerted and can respond based on levels of urgency

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